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3 weeks ago I invited one of my colleagues home for dinner on a Friday after work. We came home indianxtube and my wife was not there, called him and said, Ady was for dinner, I needed encouragement when his girlfriend of 3 years has just entered. No problem, he said in the bar and you will sound when dinners ready. My wife is in her 40 years female figure ( size 16) and indianxtube indianxtube a pair of 38DD breasts, I indianxtube have 46 and Ady is 27 , we went to a pub and after a few beers, I opened up about their relationship. His friend Chris, a tiny size 6 had problems with the size of your penis. I laughed, looked at me and said, I 'm serious, I could only pick up when indianxtube she was drunk, then I could not all in I said to Sam, my wife has a dildo 8 'long and 3 is' thick, if children love to play. This is nothing, he said come with indianxtube me. We went to the men and he showed me his penis. It was 8 'long and as thick as my wrist and was not even remotely difficult. My cell phone rang is Sam, the food was ready. Back, Ady said to enter the room and I are going out the wine. I went to the kitchen and said to Sam, what happened, she said she knew of his tail as a working dinner Chris said, but she did not feel like an old thing Ady and fat like me. had a good dinner, I went to the winter garden of indianxtube smoke and left two of them laughing in the dining room. I have not finished my cigar and brandy went to a top-up and when I was in the dining room I went was because I heard a noise coming from the room came in and saw the biggest cock I've ever seen and I 'm real, even in some clubs questionable in the world and what's more my wife was sucking like a woman possessed. Behind me, ready for this, I booed. I opened her dress under which he was fully dressed in belts stockings garter belts, push-up bra and a tiny thong that barely covers her pussy freshly waxed. Ady saw the train and jumped the queueat least one inch. She looked about 11 'long, but it was their thickness, which was impressive. My wife had both hands around the base and fingers to touch. Pele strips of it, which was leaking, I'm back of and licked all the way to the hole in the ass, which she played with love. I was a couple of fingers in the pussy, then a little more. that's all I said openly he said. up and has positioned through the monster down and relax, one inch at a time, every inch brought a stream of obscenities from his mouth. Oh shit always said that 's wonderful. I sat in a chair in front of my stroked small 7 ' observe the tail, were buried in the end, as all 11 'in my wife 's pussy. she began to rebound slowly and then quickened his pace as he adjusts to size. fuck mate Ady said, no woman ever made, I was a little proud of was a way. Meanwhile, my wife comes every three or four fights, growling and Adypushed along its length to Sam shouted through Ady local and only for a good 5 minutes and cautiously stepped out of his lap and went to the bathroom. I sat there and watched Ady Hahn and impressive sight, although very weak. Sam came back, sat at the feet of Ady and proceeded to milk and suck their juices. He said come here and for me, made ​​me come to play this with me, told me, told me that is fine, I said to Ady, he smiled and said indianxtube go for it. Now I'm as straight as the man promised to come, but my wife something special when he played with his cock. I have in my indianxtube hips before Ady grabbed his penis and started rubbing my wife has on me and licked my balls and rubbed his dripping cock was more serious and edges of my ass stuck his tongue in the ass. Go to suck said there are limits, he said. Suck it, he said, forcing my head into it. Ady had his eyes closed and head back. Sam came up behind me and licked my assand put his finger. Then I felt something that was bigger indianxtube than me until I was forced to them and tried to get her dildo in the ass. After trying for about 10 minutes, he stopped on his knees and said : fuck me in my ass. Ady sat on me to look after his stroke that enables him she loved was not long until I put the indianxtube semen in her ass, then Ady behind her and grabbed her pussy with his face buried in long hair it really gave it. I have said before, and she was sucking my limp cock until he was hard then, I have masturbated during their session my cream all over her face, said Ady, came and went and shot his load all over her face. We have established that we all have our breath, I said, Sam, is where the kids. Victims with Jonathan and his parents went to the coast for the weekend, Sarah is in a concert for the weekend with indianxtube her boyfriend. Thank God we would not go and catch us. We all laughed. Then, all showered together in the bed next to Samthe center that looked like a cat that has the cream. The next day was another story to tell later.
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